ARTICLES - Safety guidelines by a recognized backup generator supplier

Just as normal electricity supply and wire management requires extensive knowledge for safe installation and management, genset installation and handling also require expert knowledge. It is important that you only purchase from a recognized backup generator supplier that will also be able to handle the installation and where applicable monthly maintenance of the genset.

As a homeowner you need to follow strict guidelines when handling gensets. A few guidelines from Gentek as a leading backup generator supplier are provided to ensure your safety when making use of genset power generation.

Connecting wires

It goes without saying that the connection of the genset to your office or home wiring should not be done by anyone without the proper qualifications. It is important that the electrical wiring of the office or home is first assessed for correct polarity before the genset is installed by a qualification installation team. As backup generator supplier Gentek will be able to handle the full installation to ensure your safety. A genset transfer mechanism will be added and some wiring changes are required. We adhere to the electrical regulations and will be able to supply a Certificate of Compliance.

Handling of the equipment

It is important that you never handle a wet genset or handle it with wet hands. Our gensets come with weather proof canopies to ensure that they stay dry and thus safe to use. We provide comprehensive instructions on the handling of gensets to ensure client safety.

As a backup generator supplier with a reputation for excellent products, warranties, installation procedures, and a commitment to client safety Gentek is the preferred provider when it comes to diesel and petrol gensets in South Africa.



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