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It hit the country in a big way early in 2008 – conversations centred around on how long you had to go without power, the media was full of he said and she articles, trying to pin the blame on someone or something. Load shedding has not been a laughing matter, especially not for the economy.

Load shedding affects us all these days. With the power crisis continuing in South Africa, we don’t know when or even if the power crisis will ever be a thing of the past. At Gentek we are committed to keeping you on, even when Eskom decides to flip the switch on your neighbourhood.

How you can keep working in a power cut

The beauty of a generator is that you can continue with your day to day activities while the power is out. We have a range of high quality generators that is perfect, regardless of your power needs. Our able technicians will ensure that you are fully informed on how your generator works to ensure that safety is first.

If you’re still checking the load shedding schedule to see when your power will be cut, maybe you should give Gentek a call and make an appointment for a quote on a solution that will suit your needs. We will come to your site and assess the power needs and to make sure that you can continue growing your business while those around wait for the power to come back on.


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