ARTICLES - Generator equipment urgently required

The sales of generator equipment have soared because of the ongoing energy crisis in South Africa. Small businesses especially have suffered tremendously and have opted for generator equipment to deal with the power crisis. With the outlook for power supply being bleak, consumers are warned to expect higher electricity tariffs and strict energy regulations in future.

Businesses are warned not to wait too long before they take the necessary steps in securing alternative energy supply or make backup plans through the purchasing of generator equipment. Prices for gensets are still affordable, but as the demand starts to outstrip supply, consumers can also expect to pay higher prices for gensets in future.

Fortunately there are still companies such as Gen-Tek that can providegensets at affordable prices. The range includes many well know brands including Deutz, Yangdong and the well-known brand of Cummins. Gen-Tek designed and developed a range specifically suited for South Africa. As one of the leading suppliers of gensets in the country, Gen-Tek is one of only a few companies that can still supply gensets to meet the demand.

Experts have warned that businesses will have to make adjustments to survive the crisis or face severe financial losses. There is no time to wait. The best time to purchase generator equipment is now before the next crisis strikes. Energy shortages around the world, a growing population, and increased demand on the limited coal resources mean that businesses have to make the conversion to genset power or at least back-up power sooner rather than later. Browse through our products page to get an overview of the gensets available and contact us to help you make the change.



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