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How does the situation regarding the supply of generators in Africa look? Is there hope for resolving the energy crisis in the near future or is the crisis broader than the current electricity and generator shortage crisis?

People want positive answers to the above questions, but as optimistic as we can hope to be, we have to acknowledge that the crisis is not limited to our continent alone. India, China, Brazil, and Chile have experienced their share of the energy crisis in the past few years. We need to take positive action to resolve the crisis by investing in generator equipment now.

Businesses cannot afford to slow down as this will hinder economic growth. Brazil experienced an energy crisis at the peak of its economic growth and has since then seen a slow-down in growth because of work hours lost, shorter business days, and energy cuts. We can make the same sacrifices to reduce the power load, but to prevent unemployment problems we should also consider investing in alternative power sources such as diesel gensets available from Gen-Tek.

The high quality, longevity and affordability associated with Gen-Tek diesel gensets, make it possible to still get a high level of productivity in the midst of an ongoing energy crisis. By switching over to gensets completely, we do our part in conserving electricity. Even when we only switch over during peak load periods which normally cause the crisis for the electricity suppliers, we ensure fewer incidences of load shedding while business can still operate as usual.

Contact us at Gen-Tek to help you make the conversion to generator power. We have a broad range of products suitable for home, office, and an industrial usage.


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