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According to the Energy Information Administration Office of the USA the projected growth in generated power will increase with 2.4% a year up to 2030 globally. According to Eskom the future of electricity supply in South Africa is bleak with more power outages to come during the next eight years.

Home owners suffer, but more so businesses which simply cannot afford the loss in production and selling time. The alternative is to make use of back-up diesel generators or to switch completely to diesel generated power. Whether you decide to make use of back-up generators or to switch completely to diesel generated power, Gentek will be able to address your generator equipment needs.

With a wide range of diesel generators suitable for all types of uses and being able to provide 24 hour support back-up services, Gentek is fast becoming a household name in South Africa. When selecting gensets you need to know that the advice from the salespeople can be trusted. Our years of experience in the industry combined with our expertise and excellent installation partners, ensure that we can offer you reliable advice to help you make the correct buying decision.

We realize that even though you are an expert in your field, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will know everything there is to know about diesel gensets and installation requirements. We thus guide you through the selection steps by assessing your specific electricity supply needs including:

  • Purpose
  • Mobility required
  • Peak hours
  • Equipment which needs power
  • Budget
  • Location

It helps to know that you have an expert company on your side that can handle the installation and can provide you with a maintenance contract. It surely helps to know that we stock brand names such as Cummins and Deutz as well as provide warranties on all our products. Contact us to order the best diesel genset whether you make a complete conversion to diesel generated power or simply need a backup generator.


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