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With regular power outages announced by Eskom many people look for alternative sources of power supply. The reasons why diesel engine gensets are preferred to solar and wind electricity generation are because there isn't always sunshine and there is not always enough wind.

Why the diesel engine generator?

It doesn't take a fortune to incorporate our generators with your existing power supply. You don't have to run everything from the genset. You can opt to run your swimming pool pump or all the lights in the house from the genset. It can be used as a backup for in case there is a power outage. If you want to completely convert to genset power, you will still not need a large capital outlay. The initial set-up is quick and installation done by an expert team.

The most important step to getting the most of genset power is the effective management of your load capacity. It simply means that you operate the genset when the most power is required for instance, when having to do the washing or when you need to pump water. If the genset is used to charge an industrial battery on a farm, it will mean cost savings. While the genset is running to handle the heavy duty tasks, the battery gets charged which is used to run the lights of the house.

Getting the most from the genset thus may means that you will have to invest in an industrial battery if you want to completely use alternative sources of energy rather than depending on the traditional form of electricity supply. If however, you only want to use the genset as backup, the battery will not be required. By storing electricity through the use of a deep cycle battery a farmer for will not be at risk of power outages at all.

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