ARTICLES - How to safely use 5kw generators at home

To safely use 5kw generators at home, you need to know the basics of how the genset works and the potential risks that can come along with using the equipment. There is a variety of gensets available from GENTEK, which may just come in handy whenever the power goes out at your house. First, you will want to determine how much power is required in order to use the things you absolutely need during a power outage. If you decide to plug more in the genset than the amount of power 5kw generators can produce, you run the risk of overloading the generator. Make sure that any of the 5kw generators are located outside in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Never put a genset inside your house and try to keep it as far away from windows and vents as possible. The genset must stay in a dry place even though it should be outside. In this instance you will appreciate our weather and noise proof canopies.

To get it started, check the oil first, and then add some if needed. Use a heavy outdoor extension cord in order to plug items into your genset. If you need to add more fuel to it, turn it off and let it cool down for at least ten minutes. You should also store fuel for the genset in a tightly closed container that is kept outdoors. Remember, 5kw generators are not made to power the whole house and it could be very dangerous for workers of the power company fixing things, so never try to power the whole house. Armed with the safety tips you are ready to get a back-up genset available from us.

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